What is Sunset Park Promise Neighborhood and Early Learning Network

Sunset Park Promise Neighborhood (SPPN) is a partnership of community residents, organizations and schools in the Sunset Park neighborhood of Brooklyn New York.  The SPPN community action plan centers on joining existing resources and assets in the community and channeling them into neighborhood schools to reach the greatest number of families and affect significant, long-term change in children’s lives.  The programs and services of this community partnership create a cradle to career pathway of support and opportunity for children.

SPPN was created in the fall of 2010, one of the original 21 Promise Neighborhoods across the country.

Early Learning Network

The Sunset Park Early Learning Network (ELN) of Sunset Park is an alliance of early childhood providers working together to expand and enhance Sunset Park’s early childhood services to ensure that every child enters kindergarten ready to succeed in school.
Formed in 2012, the Network helps Sunset Park early childhood providers to achieve their highest potential, creating a system through which providers can share expertise and resources. The Network provides the following services:

 Joint professional development

 In-classroom coaching by a licensed professional

 Child Development Associate (CDA) training for staff

 Quality Assessment and Evaluation Support

For more information about the ELN, click this link:

Sunset Park Early Learning Network


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