Year in Review: SPPN Health Committee

The work of our Health Committee is currently focused on teen reproductive health, and that focus has taken several forms.  The Committee developed and presented a workshop for parents on talking with their children about sex.  Continuing the collaboration begun last year, the Committee participated in open mic/awareness events in the summer and early fall.  The events, hosted by LFHC and Turning Point, offered resources and referrals, HIV/AIDS testing, spoken word, music and theater performances.

The Committee’s Teen Sexual Health Guide was released in November.  The guide, which folds to the size of a business card for portability and privacy, includes answers to common questions, resources, and information on teen health centers partnering with SPPN.

SPPN Teen Health Guide - P2

Moving forward, the Committee is bringing more youth voices into the project through collaboration with a team of young people from LFHC’s Project SAFE, an arts-based peer education program centered on sexual health.  SAFE has begun to conduct a survey on young people’s awareness of available teen-focused health services and their barriers to accessing services.  The group is working toward a goal of 300 respondents.  The survey results will inform the Committee’s ongoing work in this area.

We will also be building on the work begun with the parent workshop.  The Committee will conduct a parent survey to identify tools and information that would build parents’ comfort and capacity for discussing sexuality and sexual health with their children.  Survey data will help us build out the parent workshop and develop additional programming or services to support parents.


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