Community Resource Guide 2.0!

The Academic and Community Support Committee is proud to announce the re-launch of the Sunset Park Community Resource Guide!  The guide is a live and editable document that gives specific information on how best to make referrals and link with other programs and service providers in the neighborhood to help support families.  The guide went live in February at our Community Leadership Resource Forum.  Now the guide has gone through its first update and is once again live and ready for use!

SPPN Community Resource Guide

How the guide works:

  • The guide is a Google Document, which means that anyone can view it.
  • There are three tabs, one for Sunset Park organizations, one for citywide organizations, and the last one is a list of food banks in Brooklyn.
  • NOTE: The partner organizations on the first tab have made a commitment to edit their information on an ongoing basis. Contacts on the citywide page are also great organizations, but have not made the commitment to update their information regularly.
  • The easiest way to find an organization or contact is to use the search function in the document. This can be done be pressing “control” and “F” at the same time, then entering a keyword.

Keeping it a live and current document:

  • Twice a year we will open the document for edits. With regular edits, the guide will be as up to date as possible, even with the constantly changing dynamic of organizations, programs, and staff.
  • Organizations that are not in the guide, but would like to be can be added during editing periods.

Please contact Wendy Castillejo with questions: ( or 718-765-1682).


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